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25. juli 2016

Frequently asked questions


AT THE START The starting pens are clearly marked. The running number bibs for adult entrants carry a colour code according to the expected time you gave us when you entered. The pens will be sent off at 30 second intervals. Make sure you are in your pen at least a couple of minutes before the start for any last-minute announcements and instructions.

Baby joggers The routes can be very narrow and the terrain is not suitable for baby joggers.Therefore, baby joggers are not allowed. We refer to our childminding.

BAGGAGE DUMP There is a supervised baggage dump in the finishing area open from 5.30 p.m. to 7.45 p.m. On Thursday the baggage dump is in the starting area. On Thursday plasticfoil is handed out at the finishing area
BUS TRANSPORT The bus timetable showing a selection of routes and departure times is in your goody bag. The timetable is also available from the information caravan at Runners Camp. TravelCards are available at a discount. Buses depart after the rpize giving ceremonies on Monday through Thursday.

CERTIFICATE The certificate can be downloaded online. You can also choose a paper certificate (choice during the online registration process). You will then – if you have completed all stages - receive it by post along with the result newspaper.

CHAMPIONCHIP Etape Bornholm uses the ChampionChip timing system. The chip is an integrated  part of your start number . Don´t bend it.

Childminding facilities will be provided for infants at each stage of the race from 5.30 to 7.45 p.m. The facilities are signposted in the finishing area eccept on Thursday, when they are at the start.

DOGS    Dogs are not allowed on the routes

ENTRY LIMIT The Etape Bornholm continues to grow; so much so that we regret that we must impose an entry limit of 2200 adults, 200 youths and 400 children. After all, we very much want our runners to continue to be able to enjoy the races. If necessary we will be opening a waiting list.

FRIDAY FAREWELL PARTY   The Etape Bornholm closes with a big farewell party friday evening at Rønne Stadium.  From the outdoor stage the awards a handed out, while you can buy delicious food and drinks. Take a blanket, sit on the lawn and enjoy the evening. Music after the awards ceremony. Free admission for everyone.

FRUIT Kvickly Rønne, SnellemarkCentret will provide fruit at the finish of each stage.

INDIVIDUAL STAGES You can also take part in one or more stages if you wish (stage 1,3 and 5). The entry fee per stage is DKK 140 for adults, DKK 100 for children. Entries at "Rønne Idrætshal Nord", Torneværksvej 1, 3700 Rønne, during the weekend up to the race between 10.00-18.00 or at the information caravan in Runners Camp) between 15.00-17.30
INSTRUCTIONS Please follow the Highway Code and any instructions issued by the police or Etape Bornholm officials. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

JURY Any protests must be submitted to the Etape Bornholm Jury by 8 p.m. on the day of the race concerned, except on Friday, when any protests must be submitted immediately after the race. Please inquire at the organizer’s caravan, Runners Camp.

LIABILITY AND RISK Participation, travel etc are at your own risk. Danish legislation applies. I/K Viking Rønne Atletik og Motion, its committee, sub-committee members, leaders, helpers and sponsors shall not be liable for any claims arising from participation in Etape Bornholm irrespective of origin.
LOTTERY PRIZES: Every day has its predrawn lottery for various prizes. Among other prizes, a trip to Berlin Marathon. Unclaimed lottery prizes are available in the information caravan
MEAL DEALS Local restaurants and eateries will be offering special deals on Monday through Thursday after each stage.

MEDALS Everyone who completes all stages will receive a memento on crossing the line in Rønne.

PARKING Parking attendants will direct you to your parking space. Most car parking on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is a fifteen minute walk from the start. Parking facilities are indicated on the course maps.

PRIZES The stage winners will receive their awards that evening just after the race. The overall winners will receive their awards at the farewell party on Friday.

PROGRAMME From May to 1 July we will be publishing a programme with more details on course maps and profiles, rules and regulations, express bus timetables, car parking, baggage dumps, official race photography, the gala, childminding facilities, etc.

PULLING OUT? See below **)
REGISTRATION Pick up your running number, your timing chip and t-shirt from "Rønne Idrætshal Nord", Torneværksvej 1, 3700 Rønne, from 10 a.m. to 6:45 p.m on saturday/sunday before the race. You can also collect them before the start at Hasle from 3 to 5 p.m. You use the same bib for all five races. Your bib has a colour code indicating your starting pen. Don’t fold your bib, and wear it on your front. Make sure it is visible.

RESULTS Daily – Results will be displayed in the start area near the information caravan every evening. Any protests relating to times or placings must be submitted to the organizer’s caravan by 5 p.m. the following day, except on Friday, when any protests must be submitted immediately after the race.

RESULTS Newspaper Shortly after the week is over we will send you a souvenir Etape News containing the results and plenty of photographs of the event.

RUNNERS CAMP Before and after the races there will be plenty of opportunities to meet other runners and shop at the Expo.

SOUVERNIR T-SHIRT If you enter before June 1th you will be given an Etape t-shirt. Later entries will receive shirts while stocks last.

SPOT PRIZES All participants take part in the draw for spot prizes every day. Spot prizes include a Berlin Marathon package tour. Spot prizes can be picked up at the information caravan at Runners Camp.

SUPPLIES Fruit, energydrink and water will be provided at the finish. Sponsored by KVICKLY Rønne and HIGH5.

TELEVISION COVERAGE Each stage will be shown live on TV 2Bornholm , probably with highlights on TV 2/Sport. You can also view the TV 2/Bornholm live coverage on the Internet.

TIMING Times will be recorded by ChampionChip. This ensures a smooth start to each race. However, the winner of each stage will be the first to cross the finishing line (gun time).
TROUBLE DESK In case of difficulty please ask at the information caravan in Runners Camp

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